Paul Henry explains how he founded the tax grievance industry on Long Island.

Our Story


Tax Reduction Services, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is the original, most experienced and respected company in the property tax reduction field.  We have helped tens of thousands of property owners save hundreds of millions of dollars.

TRS started when founder, Paul Henry, looked at his property tax bill and knew something was wrong. He decided to learn about the property tax system and how to do something about unfair assessments. He succeeded in reducing his own taxes, and then, as word of his success spread, he established TRS to ensure accurate assessments for all Long Island homeowners.

Property tax reduction is our only business.

  • Since 1990, we have perfected our process, established contacts and developed an extensive working knowledge of the system.
  • We have a complete database necessary to determine if your property is over-assessed and eligible for reduction.
  • We employ a year-round, full-time professional staff, including realtors and licensed appraisers, with over 200 years of combined experience in the Property Tax Grievance business.
  • Our professional staff is always available during business hours to take your call and answer your questions – you will never get voicemail at TRS.
  • Our contract is short, clear and easy to understand.

TRS is licensed by the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs (#133-TG)