My Tax Snapshot™ Realtor Edition

As a member of the Long Island Board of Realtors®, you need every tool available.

My Tax Snapshot™ (MTS) Realtor Edition from Tax Reduction Services offers detailed property tax information and history, sales data, neighborhood grievance history and taxable value information for properties in Suffolk County, including customized printable reports for your clients. This property tax analysis tool will determine if your clients’ properties are over-assessed and if a grievance should be filed.  A sample analysis is below:

How Will This Help Me?

  • A house will sell easier if the taxes can be lowered
  • Useful in obtaining new listings and establishing relationships with buyers
  • Effortlessly maintain relationships with past clients by monitoring their assessment and providing them reports

This tool is currently available for all Suffolk County properties. Please note that our lookup is based on publicly-available information, which may contain errors and omissions. If you have questions about MTS Realtor Edition, please feel free to call our office at (631) 477-1304.

The use of this lookup form does not constitute application for a reduction.


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My Tax Snapshot™ Realtor Edition is now available to LIBOR Members.  Please fill out the form below to receive your login information via email.