We can’t stress this enough: No Reduction = No Fee.

No fees, no reimbursements, nothing; not a penny. You never pay a fee unless a reduction is achieved. It is never more than 50% of the first year’s savings plus applicable filing and appraisal fees (see below).

  • ½ of the first year’s savings
  • $30 for the SCAR filing fee, if an appeal was necessary
  • $50 for the appraisal fee (Suffolk County only) *

All savings every year after the first year are 100% yours.

TRS has a vested interest in securing the largest reduction possible for our clients. We know the steps necessary and have a full time, year-round dedicated staff to work for you efficiently and professionally with a commitment to achieve the best possible results.

* If you supply us with a current appraisal we can use to prepare your case, we will waive the appraisal fee.