Tax Reduction Services StaffOur Mission

TRS is the original property tax reduction service with an experienced, helpful staff committed to maintaining our leadership position by providing the best results for our clients.

As fellow Long Islanders, we agree it’s a wonderful place to live and raise our families.  But, let’s face it, one of the realities of owning property on Long Island is high property taxes.  And while no one can eliminate taxes, TRS can do the next best thing:  help you make sure you are not paying too much.

With many inexperienced newcomers jumping into the property tax reduction field, it’s more important than ever that you rely on the experience and expertise of Tax Reduction Services, the oldest company in our field.

TRS is unlike any other tax reduction company:

Property Tax Grievance is our only business – unlike many others who also handle mortgages, insurance policies, legal work and other matters.  We are not in the business of managing or selling real estate.

We employ a year-round, full-time professional staff – many other companies only staff up during “grievance season”, leaving your case with little or no attention for the rest of the year. Our staff, including full-time licensed appraisers, has over 200 years combined experience in the tax reduction field.

Our professionals are available to you anytime – you will never get voicemail at TRS.  There is always someone here during normal business hours to take your call and answer your questions.

Our fees are simple, straightforward and uniform – you never pay a fee if a reduction in the assessment isn’t secured.  You will not be charged the filing or appraisal fee if a reduction is not granted.

Our contract is clear and easy to understand – our fee is 50% of the first year’s savings. Some companies use complicated and misleading contracts which can charge you up to 75% of  your savings, take a portion of your exemptions, demand exorbitant cancellation fees, and lock you into a 3 year agreement. Some charge flat fees, with complete disregard to eligibility or success and require you to do all the work and make all appearances. Before you sign any other contract, carefully compare it to our simple language.

Our tax reduction professionals handle everything from beginning to end – we file all necessary paperwork and attend all hearings on your behalf.