We start the process by filing your grievance to the correct locations on Grievance Day– the one day each year on Long Island when property assessments may officially be challenged.

If the reduction is denied at the town level, we follow through by filing a Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) petition for review at the county level. The $30 filing fee is paid by TRS, and only reimbursed to us if we win the case and your assessment is reduced.

Our team, which includes licensed appraisers and realtors, prepares an appraisal of your property, without needing to visit your home. There is no upfront charge for this either, and we are only reimbursed ($50) if your assessment is reduced.

We use this appraisal and research evidence to support your case.

The next step is to use the developed case with supported documentation to dispute your property’s current assessment. This involves mediation with the assessor in conferences as well as arbitration in court when necessary. TRS represents you fully in all of the Grievance Process steps, and you are not required to attend any deliberations or hearings!

A judge then signs the stipulation reflecting any settlements reached or what they feel is appropriate based on the supplied evidence from both sides.

If the verdict is not in your favor, and you do not receive a reduction, you owe TRS nothing and it will not affect your property taxes at all, positively or negatively.

If the verdict is in your favor, and you receive a reduction, our fee structure is straightforward and contains nothing hidden. See our Fee Structure page.