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2019-2020 Nassau County Tax Grievance Application

  • I hereby retain Tax Reduction Services (TRS), as my sole agent, to review my assessment with Nassau County with respect to the real property tax assessment for the January 2018 tentative tax roll on my premises.

    (Only a person named in the County Clerk's records as owner, that person's agent, a contract vendee or an estate of a deceased owner is eligible to apply). TRS is authorized to execute any and all documents pertaining to the reduction of my assessment.

    TRS is authorized to prepare and file in a timely manner on our behalf the necessary grievance documents and in their sole discretion file with the New York State Supreme Court a small claims petition for tax reduction for my owner occupied 1, 2 or 3 family residence. In addition, TRS is authorized to request and receive any refunds resulting from their lowering of the real property assessment and apply it to their fee, all remaining funds will be immediately reimbursed to client. I understand that TRS cannot guarantee the success of any proceeding and that this process need not be performed by an agent. TRS will communicate any settlement offers made by Nassau County, as required by law.


    We agree to pay you as follows:

    One-half of the tax savings on the realty taxes resulting from the reduction in the 2019-2020 assessment of the property, due upon receipt of a decision reducing the tax assessment. This fee will not include savings resulting from any exemptions, including the STAR exemption. If filing a SCAR appeal becomes necessary, TRS will advance the court imposed filing fee of thirty dollars, to be billed to client only upon a successful assessment reduction. If I do not make payment I agree to reimburse your costs for collecting the amount due, including interest and reasonable attorneys’ fees.

  • TRS will honor a written request by certified mail to cancel this contract for 3 days after executing this document.
    Sale of property does not void contract. Contract can be transferred to new owner by written agreement.
    Privacy guarantee: TRS will not give, share, or sell any personal or confidential information.
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  • Date: 03/26/2023
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