Suffolk County Tax Grievance Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRS’s fee?

For Suffolk County residents, our fee is 50% of the savings for the year filed. We also ask to be reimbursed for the $30 court filing fee and the $50 appraisal fee. If there is no reduction, you pay TRS nothing.

Can my assessment be raised through this process?

No, the only way your assessment can increase is if you do work to the home that would require a building permit or if the town is going to do a re-assessment of the entire town.

How often can I file a grievance?

You can file a grievance each year. However, if you are successful at the SCAR level and a reduction is granted, you cannot file another SCAR petition for the following year, with the exception of municipalities that file every year, which includes Nassau County, Shelter Island and Southampton, in which case you’re eligible to file every year.

How Do I Start Saving with TRS?

Easy! Just click the button below to sign and save with our simple online application! We will contact you when your application has been processed.


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